Progress Report

Today, was the first day in a while that I thought, “Hey! I’m making progress. Yay!” To mark that feeling of accomplishment I’m posting the following entry:

If I had an extra month, I might actually begin to feel caught up. But, at least, I’m at the weaving stage on one of the projects and soon to be weaving on another. Having more than one project going at once is new to me.  I’m enjoying having built in breaks as I go back and forth between the projects. At the same time, I am also frustrated when it’s time to take a break from one project to work on the other.  Overall, I think I prefer having more than one project going, but it takes discipline.

In addition to my ‘experimental fine thread 3D double weave Moorman piece’ that I am actively weaving, I also have the ‘test run blanket’ that I have started threading on Grendel. To make life more complicated, I have finished designing a larger non-experimental fine thread 3D double weave piece entitled ‘SOHO nights, 1980’ that I need to start measuring out the warp for, and I’m knitting socks for a Christmas present. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed, but I have deadlines hovering in the back of my mind that are pushing my on. 

Today, I finished weaving in the first 3D fold on the experimental piece, and I’m feeling really good that my plan is working. The photo I have is not particularly flattering as the piece is at an awkward stage in the design, but I’m still treasuring it. 

Grendel is a dream to work with so far. It’s quite fun to work my way around the beast, and it brings back memories of childhood jungle gyms.  

I won’t post pictures of the design for Soho nights, but it is based on what I am learning from the experimental piece. I hope to include areas of 3D folds, some metallic threads, and an epi of 360 for the main piece with the border at 180 epi.  

And, finally the socks:

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