Random notes to self:

  1. General–This is why it’s important to take notes when I dye yarn–These oranges do not match…ugh…

2.  Studio–The contractor/electrician are coming on Saturday morning about the new studio. Things to cover with them: LIGHTING; bigger windows; lots of shelves; wood ceilings that I can securely screw things into; high ceilings to accommodate Grendel, the monster loom, and Grendel’s valet;  outlets above the shelves; tough floors that are easy to clean; did I mention lighting? 

3. Baby blanket–Yellow binding or blue when neither really match? Also, is fiberworks float detector not working or did I mess up my tie up? And, finally a blanket revelation, it’s not that I dislike weaving blankets; it’s that I dislike weaving blankets when I feel that there is a time constraint. I think that goes for everything nowadays. I really hate feeling pushed.

4. 3D sample project-The first warp layer is measured out!!

The dyes have arrived (weld, lac, indigo):

Let the games begin. Or at least get the warp ready to wash…


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