I Have a Viable Warp!!!

I think that it is so important to mark personal achievements in weaving outside of our final products.  When we are stretching wings and trying out new techniques and ideas, we need to take risks. When those risks pay off, it’s so important to mark those moments as celebratory.  And, tonight, I celebrating!!

With very fine threads at 200 epi and over, getting a viable warp is the first big accomplishment.  By a ‘viable warp’, I mean a warp that will give you a clean shed and is weaveable without constant thread breakage. The warp I’ve been working on uses 240/2 silk and has a center double weave section of 360 epi and 2″ borders of 160 epi.  It’s taken me weeks to measure, dye, and thread the warp, without ever being fully sure that I would be able to weave the double weave section.  At 360 epi, the double weave is spread over 12 shafts with a heddle density of 30 heddles per inch per shaft. This is a very dense warp.  Trying to keep even tension across so many threads is very difficult, which makes creating a clean shed very challenging.  However, I threw my first few pics today, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to weave with it.  Whats more my threading draft for the borders around the double weave seems to be working quite well.  It is already very clear that I am going to have to create extra tension on the border threads.  In the next iteration of this project, I think it will be good to have a floating selvedge between the double weave and the border.  


As an additional happy note, I believe that Grendel is ready to be dressed!! I have my fingers crossed that I did not cross any of the tie-ups and that when the warp is on and I release the pulleys, the treadles will dance beautifully 🙂 But that’s for tomorrow. 



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