Grendel Has Arrived

When I started this blog up again, it was with the intention of posting an entry once a week. As of today, I am several weeks late in maintaining that schedule. However, I have exciting news to make up for my lapse. Last Wednesday, my Ulla Cyrus, 63″, 20 shaft, 22 treadle, countermarche loom, also known as Grendel, arrived at my house in the form of a 831 lb pallet:

I waited until my husband came home from a business dinner, then at around 11 pm we very carefully unpacked all of the pieces and laid them out in the garage:

The next night we began to put together the front portion of the frame. This is a very large loom and two people are a necessity:

It took another evening to get the back portion put together, including the custom designed third beam. I am absolutely thrilled with the design that Hans von Tresckow came up with for the third beam. It is simple and elegant:

I’ve started preparing the tie ups, and over the next week I will hang the shafts and start beaming the warp for the “test drive” blanket that I plan on weaving. I designed a warp with three colors so I can easily track any issues with each of the warp beams.  I can’t say enough about how beautiful the workmanship is in this loom. It went together flawlessly, and it is incredibly sturdy. I am very grateful that Hans and Sara of Woolgatherers made the purchase of this loom not only possible, but very easy. And, most of all, I am so excited to weave on it 🙂 

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