CAA MPS 2019 and Update

In January I joined the Cambridge Arts Association as an Associate Artist. In order to gain the rank of a full artist, and enjoy all the benefits that come with that rank, I need to have two submissions accepted into juried shows in a twelve month period. So, I submitted my Moments piece to the 2019 Member’s Prize Show and, happily, was accepted. Out of 300 submissions they accepted 60 and I seem to be the only fiber artist. Eek!! I feel like I squeaked in by the skin of my teeth. However, I’m very pleased and grateful. The show … Continue reading CAA MPS 2019 and Update

New Dye Batch and Updates

This morning I set up the first Dye Batch for the SoHo Nights piece that I am planning on weaving on Grendel, as soon as I finish the blanket. SoHo Nights will be a Theo Moorman double weave, and I am using the double weave to help create an underlying grid. The grid will consist of 3″ x 3″ squares that will serve as an organizing principle for the piece. By organizing principle, I mean a design structure/element that all color and design in the piece will be influenced by. In this case the grid dimensions will signal shifts of … Continue reading New Dye Batch and Updates

Progress Report

Today, was the first day in a while that I thought, “Hey! I’m making progress. Yay!” To mark that feeling of accomplishment I’m posting the following entry: If I had an extra month, I might actually begin to feel caught up. But, at least, I’m at the weaving stage on one of the projects and soon to be weaving on another. Having more than one project going at once is new to me.  I’m enjoying having built in breaks as I go back and forth between the projects. At the same time, I am also frustrated when it’s time to … Continue reading Progress Report

I Have a Viable Warp!!!

I think that it is so important to mark personal achievements in weaving outside of our final products.  When we are stretching wings and trying out new techniques and ideas, we need to take risks. When those risks pay off, it’s so important to mark those moments as celebratory.  And, tonight, I celebrating!! With very fine threads at 200 epi and over, getting a viable warp is the first big accomplishment.  By a ‘viable warp’, I mean a warp that will give you a clean shed and is weaveable without constant thread breakage. The warp I’ve been working on uses 240/2 … Continue reading I Have a Viable Warp!!!

Grendel Has Arrived

When I started this blog up again, it was with the intention of posting an entry once a week. As of today, I am several weeks late in maintaining that schedule. However, I have exciting news to make up for my lapse. Last Wednesday, my Ulla Cyrus, 63″, 20 shaft, 22 treadle, countermarche loom, also known as Grendel, arrived at my house in the form of a 831 lb pallet: I waited until my husband came home from a business dinner, then at around 11 pm we very carefully unpacked all of the pieces and laid them out in the … Continue reading Grendel Has Arrived

Dyeing the Second Warp-Notes

I’m way behind in updating my posts for the sample piece that I’m working on. So, I’m just going write a quick post to catch up with the dyeing process: Dyeing second warp: I scoured the warp in the same way as the first warp. I used the same warping/wrapping board and design for the second warp, with the intention that the lac design will work between the two layers as they alternate. But this time I wrapped half inch bundles instead of quarter inch bundles.  I won’t know for sure until I get both layers spread on the loom … Continue reading Dyeing the Second Warp-Notes

Dyeing first warp layer of 3D sample project (Lac and Weld)

I’ve partially finished dyeing the first warp layer for my 3D sample project and thought I better record some notes: I measured out 38 warp bundles of 45 threads each (or .25″ at 180 epi). I figured I would wrap .25″ bundles for the dyeing, however, it quickly became apparent that bundles of 90 threads (.5″ at 180 epi) will work much better. After measuring out the bundles, I inserted rods to hold the crosses at each end of the warp and secured the ends of the rods. I find that the plastic rods that come with blinds work well. … Continue reading Dyeing first warp layer of 3D sample project (Lac and Weld)

I finished the baby blanket for Emerson Rose

The beautiful Emerson Rose was born on Friday night, so I put off everything else to finish her baby blanket yesterday, and sew on the binding today: It’s smaller than I wanted 26″x 29″, so it will be more of a security blanket. It’s very soft and probably a little warm for the current weather, but it will be perfect in another month.  I designed the blanket as a very simple 8 shaft 4 treadle draft. It was a great chance to play with partitive color interactions. The colors in the fiberworks draft were very close to the colors I … Continue reading I finished the baby blanket for Emerson Rose


Random notes to self: General–This is why it’s important to take notes when I dye yarn–These oranges do not match…ugh… 2.  Studio–The contractor/electrician are coming on Saturday morning about the new studio. Things to cover with them: LIGHTING; bigger windows; lots of shelves; wood ceilings that I can securely screw things into; high ceilings to accommodate Grendel, the monster loom, and Grendel’s valet;  outlets above the shelves; tough floors that are easy to clean; did I mention lighting?  3. Baby blanket–Yellow binding or blue when neither really match? Also, is fiberworks float detector not working or did I mess up … Continue reading Notes: