CAA MPS 2019 and Update

In January I joined the Cambridge Arts Association as an Associate Artist. In order to gain the rank of a full artist, and enjoy all the benefits that come with that rank, I need to have two submissions accepted into juried shows in a twelve month period. So, I submitted my Moments piece to the 2019 Member’s Prize Show and, happily, was accepted. Out of 300 submissions they accepted 60 and I seem to be the only fiber artist. Eek!! I feel like I squeaked in by the skin of my teeth. However, I’m very pleased and grateful. The show will run from February 7-March 23, 2019 at University Place in Cambridge, MA.


The blanket is finished and shipped of to Santa Fe. Yay!! Here is a picture of the blanket fresh off the loom before I braided the fringe. At times, weaving the blanket felt like an unnecessary and frustrating delay. However, now that it’s finished, I’m very glad I took the time to weave it. I feel much more comfortable working with Grendel now. And, I have a much better understanding of how Grendel works. The next project is fairly complex and will have over 9000 threads to cope with at an epi of 360, so there won’t be a lot of room for error.

With the blanket finished, I’ve been working hard at finishing up measuring out the the warp for the next project and getting it dyed. This morning I pulled that last warp bouts out of their dye bath and hung them to dry. I have four separate dye batch for this warp, with widely varying color. Two of the batches are multicolored and two are solid. But I think that the colors will sing in harmony when they are on the loom. I have company coming this weekend, so I’ll be cooking a lot tomorrow, but I hope to carve out some time to start readying Grendel for the new project.

On a final note: The studio is coming along nicely. The space is framed with the new window installed; the wiring is as complete as it can be at this stage; and, the outdoor component of the heating/cooling units is attached to the back of the house. The unit is surprisingly large. The inspector is coming tomorrow. Hopefully, we’ll get a thumbs up and be able to proceed to the insulation and sheet rock stages 🙂 I am really tired of having all of my fiber things spread through several room and a lot of boxes.

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