CAA MPS 2019 and Update

In January I joined the Cambridge Arts Association as an Associate Artist. In order to gain the rank of a full artist, and enjoy all the benefits that come with that rank, I need to have two submissions accepted into juried shows in a twelve month period. So, I submitted my Moments piece to the 2019 Member’s Prize Show and, happily, was accepted. Out of 300 submissions they accepted 60 and I seem to be the only fiber artist. Eek!! I feel like I squeaked in by the skin of my teeth. However, I’m very pleased and grateful. The show … Continue reading CAA MPS 2019 and Update

New Dye Batch and Updates

This morning I set up the first Dye Batch for the SoHo Nights piece that I am planning on weaving on Grendel, as soon as I finish the blanket. SoHo Nights will be a Theo Moorman double weave, and I am using the double weave to help create an underlying grid. The grid will consist of 3″ x 3″ squares that will serve as an organizing principle for the piece. By organizing principle, I mean a design structure/element that all color and design in the piece will be influenced by. In this case the grid dimensions will signal shifts of … Continue reading New Dye Batch and Updates