Dyeing first warp layer of 3D sample project (Lac and Weld)

I’ve partially finished dyeing the first warp layer for my 3D sample project and thought I better record some notes: I measured out 38 warp bundles of 45 threads each (or .25″ at 180 epi). I figured I would wrap .25″ bundles for the dyeing, however, it quickly became apparent that bundles of 90 threads (.5″ at 180 epi) will work much better. After measuring out the bundles, I inserted rods to hold the crosses at each end of the warp and secured the ends of the rods. I find that the plastic rods that come with blinds work well. … Continue reading Dyeing first warp layer of 3D sample project (Lac and Weld)

I finished the baby blanket for Emerson Rose

The beautiful Emerson Rose was born on Friday night, so I put off everything else to finish her baby blanket yesterday, and sew on the binding today: It’s smaller than I wanted 26″x 29″, so it will be more of a security blanket. It’s very soft and probably a little warm for the current weather, but it will be perfect in another month.  I designed the blanket as a very simple 8 shaft 4 treadle draft. It was a great chance to play with partitive color interactions. The colors in the fiberworks draft were very close to the colors I … Continue reading I finished the baby blanket for Emerson Rose


Random notes to self: General–This is why it’s important to take notes when I dye yarn–These oranges do not match…ugh… 2.  Studio–The contractor/electrician are coming on Saturday morning about the new studio. Things to cover with them: LIGHTING; bigger windows; lots of shelves; wood ceilings that I can securely screw things into; high ceilings to accommodate Grendel, the monster loom, and Grendel’s valet;  outlets above the shelves; tough floors that are easy to clean; did I mention lighting?  3. Baby blanket–Yellow binding or blue when neither really match? Also, is fiberworks float detector not working or did I mess up … Continue reading Notes:

Dyeing and Color

I keep wanting to write something about dyeing my own threads. Not so much a ‘how to’ post, but rather a ‘why I do it post’.  But I keep getting stuck trying to verbalize my ideas, so I’m just going to go for it and I apologize in advance if the post is a bit free-associated. I do it because the dye process feels just as important to me as the weaving process.  It is just as important to me to become a competent dyer as it is to become a competent weaver.  Being able to dye my own threads … Continue reading Dyeing and Color

Finding my way

So, I’m sick again.  I don’t mean I have a cold, or even the flu. I have ulcerative colitis, and every once in a while it flares. Ulcerative colitis is an auto immune disorder that attacks the large intestine, resulting in severe inflammation of the intestine, bleeding ulcers in the lining of the intestine, and a variety of unpleasant symptoms.  Among the many and varied unpleasant symptoms is fever, extreme fatigue, extreme nausea, and a good dose of depression.  Worst of all, I can’t run.  When I can’t go for my run, I have a really hard time processing the … Continue reading Finding my way