Waiting for Grendel (my new loom)

 My big accomplishment at Convergence was securing a new loom. The amazing Hans and Sara von Tresckow of Woolgatherers are handling the procurement and design for me.  It is a process, and one that is causing me more than a little anxiety. First of all, the loom is big. It’s an Ulla Cyrus Oxaback with a 63″ weaving width. It’s normal depth would be about 75″, but Hans is designing a third beam for me that will add a little less than two feet on to the depth.  In addition, I’m going for 20 shafts, because if I’m going to … Continue reading Waiting for Grendel (my new loom)

Fireflies and Jellyfish: The process

This past week I’ve received a few emails asking me to detail my Theo Moorman process, specifically for Fireflies and Jellyfish.  Fireflies and Jellyfish: I’m going to outline the process as clearly and bluntly as possible relying heavily on pictures. Some of the pictures illustrating the dyeing process will be of the Wildings cartoon. Wildings was my piece in the Convergence mixed media exhibit and was woven on the same warp. Wildings: I start all of my pieces from a design. I often base my designs on details that I find in nature. In the case of Fireflies and Jellyfish … Continue reading Fireflies and Jellyfish: The process

Home from Complex Weavers and Convergence

Wow!! It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted here. When I started this blog I had a goal of keeping it updated. That didn’t happen. However, I’m going to try again. I’m back from the Complex Weavers and Convergence conferences, and I’m ready to go to work. The entire trip lasted 9 days. That’s the longest I’ve ever been away from my husband. I’m not much of a traveler and I was definitely homesick. However, I learned so much the trip was definitely worth it. It always amazes me how generous fiber artists are with their knowledge and I … Continue reading Home from Complex Weavers and Convergence